Pool Leak Detection & Pool-Spa Repair in McKinney, TX

With McKinney’s humid summers, owning a turquoise swimming pool in the backyard is necessary for homeowners like you. But with our dry climate, it’s no wonder why you may find your swimming pool rapidly losing water, especially during the hot months. But how will you know if your pool is still losing water due to evaporation?

A well-built pool will hold water firmly for a long time, but sealants will eventually deteriorate, and pool components will slowly wear out over time. Your pool can leak through any of the pool equipment and structure – plumbing, fittings, and tiles. You must have your pool leaks located and repaired early to save on water, heat, and chemical costs.

Our pool leak detection specialists at Private Eye Leak Detection can solve your residential and commercial pool and pool-spa leaks efficiently and effectively. We use specialized equipment, techniques, and tests that are proven most effective in diagnosing and pinpointing any type of pool and spa leak. Call or send us a message if you would like to ask us questions.



pool leak repair in mckinney texas


If you believe that your pool is losing more water than it should, it is time for you to contact the pool leak detection experts in McKinney. We specialize in residential and commercial pool leak detection and leak repair.

pool-spa leak repair in mckinney texas


We find and fix pool-spa and hot tub leaks in your McKinney homes and buildings to help you fully enjoy your refreshing hot baths. We locate the source of water loss to help bring back your pool-spa’s optimum state.

Trusted pool and POOL-spa leak experts in Mckinney, tx

Our pool leak detection experts are ready to serve you and save you money.

You can trust our team, knowing that:


We have 45 years of extensive experience in pool and pool-spa leak detection and repair


We use the latest technology in pool and pool-spa leak detection


We use non-invasive methods in finding and fixing your leaks


We arrive on time and ready to solve your leak problems


We provide honest, reasonable pricing

McKinney TX pool leak detection specialist

Find leak in pool and pool-spa early to protect your home and business from damage.

Our highly-trained service professionals will come to your property to assess your problem quickly.