Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair in Bonham, Texas

Private Eye Leak Detection has 45 years of field expertise and advanced equipment required to provide a fast response to your pool and pool-spa leak detection needs in Bonham, Texas. Let us find the exact location of your swimming pool and pool-spa leak. Whether it is in your underground distribution plumbing or your swimming pool’s basic shell, we can find the leak and fix them for you with our accurate inspection, leak detection, and repair services.

Losing water in your pool structure or plumbing requires immediate attention to minimize chemical and water depletion and to mitigate underground damage. To start the pool leak detection and repair process, contact us at Private Eye Leak Detection and schedule an on-site inspection so we can discuss the entire process with you.


Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair in Bonham, TX

Bonham TX pool leak repair


We need to apply the right techniques and use the proper tools to locate any leak. Private Eye Leak Detection provides comprehensive pool leak detection and repair services in Bonham, Texas using our modern equipment and proven procedures.

Bonham TX pool-spa leak repair


We use state-of-the-art equipment, that’s why we can pinpoint pool-spa leaks with extreme accuracy. For any of your pool-spa leak concerns, contact Private Eye Leak Detection, the go-to pool-spa leak detection professionals in Bonham, Texas.

Why Choose Us to Detect Your Pool and POOL-Spa Leaks in Bonham, Texas?

Our pool leak detection experts are ready to serve you and save you money.

You can trust our team, knowing that:


We have 45 years of extensive experience in pool and pool-spa leak detection and repair


We use non-invasive methods in finding and fixing your leaks


We use the latest technology in pool and pool-spa leak detection


We arrive on time and ready to solve your leak problems


We provide honest, reasonable pricing

Bonham TX pool leak detection specialist

Find leak in pool and pool-spa early to protect your home and business from damage.

Our highly-trained service professionals will come to your property to assess your problem quickly.