Frisco Swimming Pool Leak
Detection and Repair

Sunny Frisco is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With the developing Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex, more and more hospitality businesses are opening in the nearby suburbs. Having a pool and pool-spa in your hotel or apartment is a great facility to add to your guests’ convenience.

Although a pool and a pool-spa are wonderful features to add to your accommodation amenities, a pool or pool-spa leak detection, and repair task can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be a distressing experience when you have us. We can help you detect and solve your leak problems. If you live in the Frisco area and worried that you might have a swimming pool or pool-spa leak, or in need of repair, you need not worry anymore.

Let our pool leak experts of 45 years quickly, accurately, and cost-efficiently locate and fix your pool and pool-spa leaks. Over the past decades, our family-owned pool leak detection business has steadily grown to provide practical, fast, and proven solutions that saves time, water, and money.



Frisco TX Swimming Pool Leak Detection


Even minor swimming pool leaks can cause substantial damage to your Frisco property and result in high water bills and chemical cost. Contact us at Private Eye Leak Detection for pool leak detection and repair services.

Frisco TX pool-spa Leak Detection and Repair


Enjoy your pool-spa or hot tub all year-round with our expert pool-spa leak detection and repair services in Frisco, TX. Let our leak detectives catch minor pool-spa leaks before they become major ones.

Leading Pool and Pool-Spa Leak Specialists in Frisco, TX

Our pool leak detection experts are ready to serve you and save you money.

You can trust our team, knowing that:


We have 45 years of extensive experience in pool and pool-spa leak detection and repair


We use the latest technology in pool and pool-spa leak detection


We use non-invasive methods in finding and fixing your leaks


We arrive on time and ready to solve your leak problems


We provide honest, reasonable pricing

Frisco TX Pool Leak Specialist

Find leak in pool and pool-spa early to protect your home and business from damage.

Our highly-trained service professionals will come to your property to assess your problem quickly.