Allen, Texas Pool and Pool-Spa Leak Detection & Repair

As you prepare for a relaxing weekend afternoon around the swimming pool with your family and friends, it’s imperative to be sure that your pool is performing at its best. The last thing you would want is to be expecting guests for a summer pool party and notice that your pool is leaking. You should regularly check for leaks before anyone jumps into your pool.

Determining whether your pool or pool-spa leaks is very challenging. Some environmental factors such as wind, sunlight, and humidity exposure can impact the evaporation rate of your pool water. Just because the water level is lower than usual, it doesn’t mean that your pool is leaking. But what if it is? You can always contact Private Eye Leak Detection to help you assess your pool and pool-spa condition. We are the industry leader in precise, non-invasive inground swimming pool and pool-spa leak detection and repair in Allen, Texas. Our 45-year expertise and top technology allow us to find complicated water leaks in your homes and businesses.


Leading Expert in Pool and Pool-Spa Leak Detection & Repair in Allen, TX

Allen TX Pool leak detection and Repair


We can quickly detect your pool leak sources, can locate different concealed leaks, and repair them accordingly. Pinpointing your swimming pool leaks as early as possible can save you money, eliminate the risk of property damage, and protect your property values.

Allen TX pool-spa leak repair


Private Eye Leak Detection is the leading expert in pool-spa leak detection and repair in Allen, Texas, and the surrounding areas. With over 45 years of pool-spa leak experience using the latest industry-leading technology, we know how to locate a pool-spa leak and repair it quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Us to Detect Your Pool and POOL-Spa Leaks in Allen, Texas?

Our pool leak detection experts are ready to serve you and save you money.

You can trust our team, knowing that:


We have 45 years of extensive experience in pool and pool-spa leak detection and repair


We use the latest technology in pool and pool-spa leak detection


We use non-invasive methods in finding and fixing your leaks


We arrive on time and ready to solve your leak problems


We provide honest, reasonable pricing

Allen TX Pool Leak Specialist

Find leak in pool and pool-spa early to protect your home and business from damage.

Our highly-trained service professionals will come to your property to assess your problem quickly.